A Movie Buff Modern Masterpiece: Enter the Void

by: Alan Smithee

Gaspar Noé is one of my favorite modern directors. He made the jaw dropping drama Irreversible and the bloody revenge tale I Stand Alone, but in 2009 came his latest classic Enter the Void

The film is about an American drug dealer in Tokyo named Oscar. Oscar is shot by the police and has an out of body experience because of the drug he is on, called Dimethyltryptamine (DMT). The film is shot in a first person point of view. After the opening credits flash on the screen (really, they flash on the screen; I thought my eyes were going to melt) you know the film is going to be one big trip, and trust me, it is. The film is pure beauty, from the flashing club lights of Tokyo to flashy worlds of the dead.

This film isn’t for everyone. This is more for the grid-loving movie buffs of the world. Only watch it with one other person, as long as it’s a person that can shut up and watch a movie. If you miss anything with this movie, you have missed everything. You need to sit, be silent, and watch. Enter the Void is a masterpiece on its own right. Check it out!

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