Central Hosts Another Successful Safe Halloween

More than a thousand kids came to Central High School on Halloween, where Cobbler students performed for them and led them in games.

By Jeremiah Richards

Completing a four year tradition, Central High School students hosted more than 1,000 guests Monday night for their final Safe Halloween celebration. One hundred thirty seven students gave out 400 bags worth of candy as well as toys, providing a safe place for kids 12 and under to trick or treat and to have fun. Students transformed the gym, the commons, and all of the first floor into a graveyard, making those spots a bit spooky, but they also had an area that was less scary for kids under 5. Still, the safe scares are part of the enjoyment. “I enjoy seeing the kids,” said student volunteer Hayley Kitzelman, but, she admits, “it’s fun to scare them a bit.”

Photo by Tiah Holt

For activities, Cobbler students painted faces, put on stage performances, shared a competitive dance routine, and Sunny Hayes did her jingle dress dance. Lynsey Dressen said, “From a performer’s experience it’s a lot of fun and I like seeing kids having a good time.”

Photo by Tiah Holt

Hayley Kitzelman said this year went smoothly. “The kids loved it, and they had big smiles on their faces. The parents loved it too.”

Despite the success, Mrs. Griffin, the Cobbler to Cobbler and Safe Halloween staff coordinator, has said this Safe Halloween will be the last for Central. “This is the last year we will be doing Safe Halloween,” she said. “We don’t have enough space for it.”

Photo by Tiah Holt

Photos by Tiah Holt

2 thoughts on “Central Hosts Another Successful Safe Halloween

  1. My husband took some of our out-of-town relatives to Safe Halloween because we needed a safe, normal place away from a funeral to entertain small children. We didn’t want these small children to remember this Halloween as a sad experience. Even though they were there for only 30 minutes, those thirty minutes made their Halloween. We can’t say enough good things about Central’s students and their stepping up and providing the community with this activity.
    Thank you, Tiah, for a good article on this event.

  2. Oops, Jeremiah, I didn’t quite make it to the byline on my phone. Tiah was in the picture. My apologies.

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