Pure Bean Showcases Senior Jacob Pullins’s Artwork

The Pure Bean coffeeshop is showing Jacob Pullins’s paintings and will host a reception on Saturday.

By Abby Donnelly

Central High School student Jacob Pullins has recently made his mark on Rapid City’s art community by displaying his paintings on the walls of Pure Bean in downtown Rapid City. Pullins has had his art work displayed in other shows, such as Best of the West at the Dahl Fine Arts Center as well as another West River art competition (which he placed second in), but this will be his first solo show.

Pure Bean barista Hailey Falzerano claimed that Pure Bean has never had local art on their walls, but she said, “People are happy we’ve got some local art,” and adds that it’s very colorful and attracts the eye.

Each barista had different favorite paintings. They all agreed that they couldn’t choose just one and proceeded to narrow it down to their top three. They all liked Pullins’ “Do you ever look up at the stars?” which displays an astronaut traveling through an abstract space. Falzerano said that she really likes Pullins’ extra colorful painting, “Clash of Color.”

astronaut Pullins
Courtesy of Jacob Pullins

Pullins’ paintings are on sale, most around $100, and he claims that he would love to make a career out of painting, because “It truly is my passion and I couldn’t see myself doing anything else for the rest of my life and being happy with it.”

Pure Bean will be hosting an artist’s reception for Pullins on Saturday, January 13th from 4-5pm with discounted drinks and an opportunity to speak with Pullins about his artwork.

Photo by senior Justice Theis