Senior Gymnast’s Career Ends with Fall and Injury

Senior gymnast Skylar Larson broke her ankle in a fall during practice, ending her gymnastics season and career.

By Hope Paris

Senior Skylar Larson won’t get the chance to compete at the state tournament for gymnastics her final year at Central after breaking her tibia, dislocating her ankle, shattering her foot, and tearing several ligaments in her leg. The injuries came in late January when Larson slammed her foot on a cement wall after she released her hands too early on the bars during a gymnastics practice.

Larson said it was immediately clear that the bones in her foot had shifted upward, just by the appearance of it. Also, her ankle swelled to twice its normal size, and her toes curled over without any sense of relaxation. “I just kept saying why me? Why now?” she said.

Larson has had two surgeries since the injury. One to put her ankle back in place and take out bone fragments; another one to reconstruct her foot. The doctors thought that her toes were going to stay curled over permanently, but she was lucky enough that they were able to fix them in surgery.

This was Larson’s first year back to gymnastics, having missed three years due to surgeries on both femurs. One surgery was her freshman year, another was her sophomore year, and a third was to remove hardware her junior year. Coming back this year for the gymnastics season was something many people didn’t think was possible, and she herself didn’t know how it would go either.

Even though is was her first year back, Larson had high hopes and a real possibility for making state gymnastics this year. She was devastated after the injury happened and her season came to an abrupt end. “I was super shocked at first, but when I finally came into realization, I couldn’t breathe knowing my gymnastics career was over right at that second,” she said.

Although Larson did not get the ending she was hoping for, she is thankful for the time she got to spend with her teammates and having the chance to reunite with the sport for one last time.

Photo courtesy of Skylar and Boden Photography.