Five Great Podcasts

People keep talking about podcasts, but where does a person begin? Here are five podcasts to get you started or to expand your listening experience.

By Zach Hess and Ethan Byrd

What’s worse than sitting at work with nothing to listen to? Nothing, it is the most boring thing ever. But don’t worry, there is hope, and we are here to help. We’re going to show you some of the best podcasts available, so you can listen and try to cure your boredom.

Number 5: Crime Junkie

Who doesn’t love a good and interesting real-life mysteries? This podcast is all about unsolved crimes or very sketchy outcomes to cases and it always makes you think.

Number 4: The Pat Mcafee Show

A show from the perspective a former NFL player on current events and all things sports. With great guests appearing every show.

Number 3: Laughs from the Past

If you like history and comedy, then this would be for you. Weird stories you might not have heard of such as how a town came together to try and win the lottery.

Number 2: PMT (Pardon My Take)

It is a hilarious sports podcast with very funny takes on all sorts of things including non-sports things with tons of different guests from Adam Sandler to WWE wrestler Kane.

Number 1: The Joe Rogan Experience

He has some of the best Guests from Elon musk to someone claiming to work on UFOs. It has a little bit of everything on it.