Need a tip for homecoming dress up?

With homecoming just a week away, many students are still wondering what to wear, and how to achieve the look that is sure to make people notice them. Here are just a few tips to help you with your school spirit.

Twin Day

  • Wear something distinguishable
  • Make sure it’s the same outfit
  • Hairstyles are a must
  • Plan out your day in school–be seen with your twin!
  • Make sure the accessories match

80’s/Retro Day

  • Roll your jeans….. the tighter the better
  • Wear polo shirts (sometimes two at a time) and be sure to turn up the collars
  • Leg warmers!!! Wear them either over jeans or with a mini skirt
  • Wear neon sweatshirts with the neck trimmed so it hangs over one shoulder. Wear multiple tank tops underneath
  • Big bead necklaces and big hoop earrings
  • Side pony tails
  • BIG hair with lots of hairspray
  • Rock band t-shirts (AC/DC)
  • Jean jackets (stonewashed is the best)
  • Thick belts worn with oversized shirts

Senior Citizen Day

  • Gray hair dye
  • Balding cap
  • Old dresses with shoulder pads
  • Christmas sweaters
  • Mom jeans and button up blouse
  • Jeans and suspenders (guys)
  • Plaid shirts (guys)
  • Walker/ cane

Class Color/Toga Day


  • Homemade shirts (representing your class of course)
  • Old jeans with class color fabric paint
  • Shoes/socks


  • Find an original fabric
  • Have someone sew one just for you
  • Use the sheets from when you were a kid
  • Have a toga making party with all of your friends

Red and White Day

  • Cobbler shirts (wear to the game)
  • Sports jerseys ($10 in the activities office)
  • Red and white EVERYTHING!!!!!

These are just a few of the many ideas that work for the dress up days.Have fun and put your own personal spin on these, but most importantly…GO BIG RED!!!