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Alison Kirsch


Ali is an athlete, a French hornist, and a writing enthusiast. One time she played Alvin from ”Alvin and the Chipmunks” at her third grade Christmas concert. She can typically be found semi-swimming, semi-drowning in a pool (sometimes it’s hard to tell), or on some hiking trail. She has no idea what she’s going to do with her future, but had a fever dream once about owning like a hundred cats, and it was pretty cool.

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Peyton Bagley

Staff Writer

Peyton is a senior at Central High School. She enjoys spending time with friends, the outdoors, and going on long spontaneous drives. She will be attending Dakota Wesleyan University in the fall to study biochemistry and play softball.

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Naomi Rehberg

Staff Writer

Naomi is a senior at Central High School and will be attending University of South Dakota to major in Chemistry. She enjoys spending time with friends. Naomi got a five on her AP English Language and Composition exam.

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Jailyn Taylor

Staff Writer

Jailyn is a 17-year-old student who has lots of things going on in life. She applied for a job at Story Book Island and has three pets. She loves music and animals and volunteers at a camp for people with disabilities. She loves to make friends and socialize and helping people. Writing is one of her many hobbies as she loves to use her creativity and imagination to make stories and cosplays.

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Liam Porter

Staff Writer

Liam lives in Rapid City, South Dakota. He will be attending Augustana University next year to play football and to study chemistry in hopes of becoming a pediatrician. His favorite movies are Ratatouille and Coco. He enjoys listening to Lil Baby and Gunna..

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Sumner Griffin

Staff Writer

Sumner is an 18-year old senior, currently attending Central High School in Rapid City, SD. Sumner enjoys reading and getting into the hills, and he climbs ROCK. Sumner is planning to attend the University of Nevada Las Vegas in the spring and double major in marketing and psychology. His favorite book is ‘Think and Grow Rich’ written by Napoleon Hill.

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Drake Hassett

Staff Writer

Drake Hassett is an 18-year-old student at Central High School that enjoys lifting weights and playing baseball in his free time. He is planning on attending Augustana University. His favorite movie is probably Step-Brothers with Will Ferrell and John C. Riley. He has one younger sister (Emily) and one younger brother (Benjamin).

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Delaney Kost

Staff Writer

Delaney is a senior at Central High School. She plans on playing soccer at Augustana University, while majoring in biology. She is the daughter to Martin and Jodi and a younger sibling to McKinsey and Kolby. She likes to spend her free time with friends. She owns a dog and a fish.

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Karoline Riisnaes

Staff Writer

Karoline Riisnaes is a senior at Central High School. She is a soccer player who will be playing at Green Bay Wisconsin. She is the daughter of Alf and Cathy, and a younger sister of Elisabeth. She enjoys spending time outdoors and sleeping in her free time.

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Anna Fitzgerald

Staff Writer

Anna Fitzgerald is a senior at Central High School. Her hobbies include listening to Taylor Swift and painting. Her plan for next year is to either attend the University of Minnesota to major in math, or take all of the money out of her bank account and go off the grid, selling her paintings for way too much money from the back of her car.

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Heilee Dalebout

Staff Writer

Heilee is a senior and will be attending the University of South Dakota in the fall and is looking toward a career in nursing. She also is moving to Seattle Washington when done with college. She enjoys watching The Walking Dead and Criminal Minds.

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Wyatt Anderson

Staff Writer

­­­­Wyatt Anderson is a junior at Central High School. He plays baseball, basketball and, next year, football. He enjoys upland bird hunting and deer hunting. He hopes to play college baseball after graduating. He’s often spied on by Liam in parking lots. His dad owns his own small business, and his mother is a special ed teacher at General Beadle Elementary.

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Jed Sieverding

Staff Writer

Jed Sieverding is the person who likes and owns ducks. He likes pizza. He likes Mt. Dew. He owns a white pick-up. 

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Connor Clausen

Staff Writer

­­­­Connor Clausen is a senior at Central High School. He has almost zero direction and life and does not know why he signed up for journalistic writing but hopes it will be a good time. (He plans to be an engineer.)

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Aneesa Martin

Staff Writer

Aneesa likes to read and write but only on Wattpad. She likes learning new things. That’s why she took a lot of random subjects this year. She is not focused like most, so she doesn’t have a future career in line. After high school she would like to go into a school for the performing arts. She has a brother and no sisters. She is a fun and goofy person that tries to stay happy no matter what. She cares about others not so much herself. Even though she does not have any future plans as stated before she does want to be an Instagram dancer. Her favourite instagram dancers are anayah, chris etc. She loves to also watch movies. Her favorite is any with Madea in it which is played by Tyler Perry. She is from Jamaica and moved here in 2019. She came here to seize her opportunity at a better life.

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Ellen Sheehy

Staff Writer

­­­­Ellen has been a Cobbler for fifteen years, but is currently a junior who loves writing and history (and the fact they can be combined most of the time). During her free time you can find her hiking on Skyline with one of her younger brothers, getting pounced on by her other younger brother, or trying to decide whether or not to get a haircut.

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