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Clancy Kimble


Clancy is currently a senior at Central High School. Her favorite memory from high school is having a Cinco De Mayo Party in her geometry class her junior year. (She was in charge of the Pinata). Her dad is retired from the Air Force, meaning Clancy has moved around a LOT. In fact, Clancy has attended fourteen different schools from kindergarten to her senior year. Clancy’s favorite show is Bluey, and although it is meant for children, she has definitely shed a few tears during a select few episodes. Clancy will be attending Cameron University in Lawton, Oklahoma in the Fall, where she will major in Elementary Education and minor in English. Although many think she is crazy, Clancy loves kids, and cannot wait to start teaching and one day become a mom to kids of her own.

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Kaydence Johnson


Kaydence Johnson is a junior at Central High School. She plays softball and volleyball year- round. When not on a field or court, she can be found at the gym, working, or hanging out with friends. She loves travelling, reading (don’t let the blonde hair and stigma behind it fool you), and binging a good Netflix series. Leaving for college next year scares her, so she procrastinates as much as she can and doesn’t put much thought to her future. She is hoping to continue volleyball at the next level after high school and has thought about pursuing a career in forensic psychology. In hindsight she’s not sure why she decided to take this class but thinks it has a lot to offer and teach. Besides, what better opportunity is given to someone who’s very opinionated, stubborn, and thinks their thoughts and ideas should be heard than a newspaper?

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Evan Austin

Staff Writer

Evan Austin is a second year at Central Highschool. He has been apart of the debate team for two years now and is the team captain for the 2022-2023 season. Currently he is aiming to go to Colorado University in Boulder Colorado.

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Lexee Banks

Staff Writer

Lexee Banks is a sophomore at Central High School. She is a cheerleader for basketball, and in her free time she enjoys hanging out with friends, family and her horse. She is very much an old soul and loves everything 70s. Her favorite artists are Elton John and Billy Joel, and her favorite show is That 70s show.

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Zayd Elaroussi

Staff Writer

Zayd is a Student at Rapid City Central High School. He is a member of the debate team and has a passion for Literature. Zayd is an avid enjoyer of learning about advancements in Science and Technology, and hopes to one day leave a positive impact on one of the related fields. His favorite book currently is Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes.

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Christopher Gabrylczyk

Staff Writer

Christopher is a sophomore at Central High School. He plays the clarinet for the school band, and plays in the Central Marching Band. Christopher also enjoys exploring new places from the great plains to the rocky mountains. When he is not out exploring, you can find him doing homework or playing with his two dogs.

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Marques Santillan

Staff Writer

Marques Santillan is a sophomore student here at Central High School. Outside of school, he is a filmmaker that directs, writes, and acts. Where his inspiration to be a filmmaker comes from is Zack Snyder, he loved and grew up with his motion pictures. The films he likes are WATCHMEN, Man of Steel, Whiplash, Scarface, Good Fellas, The Lighthouse, Taxi Driver, Nightcrawler, Forrest Gump, and Seven, although he likes many more.

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Sophia Greenheutzenoeder

Staff Writer

Sophia is a 15-year-old student at Central High School. She works for StoryBook Island. She loves music, animals, and crocheting. She tries different makeup ideas/styles/looks every day. She loves to hang out with her friends and have a good time with them. She enjoys using her imagination and creativity to tell stories, which is why she writes as one of her many hobbies.

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Flavie Guilet

Staff Writer

Flavie is a 17 years old student as an exchange student from France for 1 year as a junior at the Central High School of Rapid City, in South Dakota. She’s enjoyed spending times with friends and family and have a specific goal: becoming a French professor in the United States or in Canada. She’s not really sportif but she’s good in music and in art. Her dream is to travel all her life in the world, in poor countries for helping children who need it, and rich countries for discovering some high cultures.

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Greyson Harstadurban

Staff Writer

This is Greyson. He is a sophomore in high school and rather just be home most days. He doesn’t know what he’s going to do after high school and doesn’t really care. He likes to watch movies and shows in his free time. His favorites right now are South Park, and The Walking Dead. That’s about all you need to know about him.

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Raylee Jones

Staff Writer

Raylee is a 17-year-old junior at Central High School. She loves to learn and is always open to new and fun ideas. Some of her favorite things to do are softball, reading, being outdoors, and being with her favorite people. Raylee is a CNA at a nursing home and she loves to spend her time loving and taking care of her amazing residents. Raylees parents, Cassidy and Brandon Jones, continue to inspire and motivate her through everything she does. Raylee’s dream career is to be a dermatologist or at least land somewhere in the medical field.

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Gigi Knapp

Staff Writer

Gigi Knapp is a sophomore that attends Central High school. Gigi plays volleyball and runs track for RCC.
She is the younger sister of Brody and Jacob Knapp. In her free time, she spends time together with
friends, and plays volleyball. One of Gigi’s hobbies is fashion and style.

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Kylie Meier

Staff Writer

Kylie Meier is a Sophomore at Central High School. She is fifteen years old and has lived in Rapid City her entire life. She lives with her mom, dad, and two younger brothers. She enjoys spending time with her friends and helping others.

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Ciena Murphy

Staff Writer

Ciena Murphy likes to make everybody, and anybody laugh. Even though it may not seem like she’d be into it, she likes debate. In fact, is planning on going to The University of Maine for a degree in Political Science. In which her dream job is to join the United Nations as a representative for America. Her favorite drink is Berry Monsoon Mnt Dew, and her favorite band is Foo Fighters. In addition, her favorite superhero is Batman.

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Neveah Nathan

Staff Writer

Nevaeh Nathan is a sophomore at Rapid City Central High School. Her 2023 goals include passing all her classes, attend summer school, and focus on extending her hobbies. Talented writer and a work in progress public speaker, Nevaeh has a lot in store but she can do it!

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Megan Nelson

Staff Writer

Megan is a sophomore at Central High School. She is in marching band and manages track. She can play the piano and the clarinet. She can normally be found baking, hanging out with her friends, or spending time with her family and her dog.

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Lavina Patton

Staff Writer

Lavina Patton is a sophomore at Rapid City Central Highschool. She loves to spend time with friends and family as well as going on hikes and traveling to see more of the world. She likes animals and children as she has four younger siblings. She is nervous to attend college and getting older but is excited to find a college and job that suits her well. Her dream job is to work up to be an activist to help change the economy for the better. She hopes to find a good paying job, live a wealthy life to have a big house as well as travel to a lot of different places.

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Mariah Peterson

Staff Writer

Mariah is a junior at Central High School who loves listening to music. She’s quiet at times but will warm up to you once she gets to know you. She enjoys quality time with friends and family, but also enjoys her alone time. She likes late night drives, and her favorite season is fall. Someone once said that she seems like the type of person you’d want to spend hours lost in a store with.

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Hailey Romans

Staff Writer

Hailey is a sophomore at central high school. She is also a student athlete that has passions for cross country, hockey, and track. She loves being with her friends and family as much as possible and holds her pets near and dear to her heart.

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Amelia Schaefbauer

Staff Writer

Amelia is a Sophomore at Central High School. She is a member of many activities and hopes to join even more throughout her time in high school. Some of her main hobbies include writing, reading, playing instruments, and hanging out with her friends. She doesn’t know yet what she wants to be when she grows up, but she does know that she wants to do something to help others.

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Shia Li

Staff Writer

Shia Li is new to this school and the students. She tries to keep to herself though she’d like to interact more with the class. She thinks she just lives up to her name though.

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Kelty Silbernagel

Staff Writer

Kelty is a sophomore athlete at Central High School. She is in Cross Country, Debate, Track, and Student council. Kelty can be found hiking, reading, running, and baking. She also loves spending time with her friends and cuddling with her dog.

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Khoa Tran

Staff Writer

Khoa is a Sophomore at Central High School. He doesn’t like to socialize and be around people. Khoa enjoys reading books in his free time and also likes to travel. The places that he wants to visit are Japan, South Korea, China, Thailand, And Taiwan.

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Aydin Wright

Staff Writer

Aydin is a Semi-Athlete with classes he loves more than ever. He is 15yrs, with friends he hangs out with every school day. He likes video games and has a Blue Heeler mix dog. His favorite food is Xtra Most Bestest Cheese Pizza from Little C’s. His favorite sport is basketball and football. His favorite drinks are Sprite and Lemonade

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