‘Cobbler’ Mascot Part of a Positive Legacy

No other school is called the Cobblers, and the story behind Central High School’s mascot is as positively unique as the name.

By Alison Kirsch and Jailyn Taylor

Rapid City’s Central High School is the only school in the United States known as the “Cobblers.” This creative mascot originates from a compelling history of students and teachers who, each and every one, possessed a strong affinity for Central High.

The first school in Pennington county was a private school, established in 1876. Public school began in Rapid City in 1878, with 17 girls and 13 boys. Eventually attendance grew enormously and the building expanded to accommodate its students. Originally known as the “Tigers,” Rapid City High School changed their mascot to the “Cobblers” after 1920 when Mr. Euclid Cobb began coaching all the athletic teams (the boys’ basketball and football teams). Coach Cobb thought the usual tan-colored team uniforms were boring, so he ordered the bold red jerseys for the football team and painted the football helmets red and white in his backyard. From these events ensued the Central Cobblers as they’re know today!

Coach Cobb

Coach Euclid Cobb was loved by his players and fellow staff members. Originally a teacher, he took on the responsibility of Sports Director and continued his role for 41 years. He earned many achievements for both himself and his players. Coach Cobb won letters in football, baseball, and basketball at Monmouth, and his 1942 team won the state Class A basketball title. In the span of 26 years as a football coach, Coach Cobb led Central to 144 wins, 43 ties, and 13 losses, including his undefeated teams in 1922, ’23, ’25, ’27, ’31, ’32 and ’43. His persistence and his love for his students inspired a student to decide to draw a caricature of Coach Cobb for a pep assembly. The drawing was put on a box for the cheerleaders to lean against, and was seen by everyone attending the assembly. The caricature caught on like wildfire and the drawing was instantly put on shirts and signs and posted everywhere.

Many Central students and teachers today remember the legacy of Coach Cobb and his important role in Central’s history. “Coach Cobb made an impact on our school,” said Lucine Holen, one of the secretaries in the attendance office here at Central High School. “ His 40 years of coaching is a legacy we all should know and appreciate. I am very proud to be a Cobbler and the history that is behind that name.”

Coach Cobb, left

Special thanks to Lucine Holen and Mandy Hennies for their amazing help and contribution.