Track & Field Adds Javelin to Events

High School athletes in South Dakota will be throwing javelins for the first time this year.

By Peyton Bagley and Naomi Rehberg

Javelin will be joining the lineup of track events for the first time this upcoming track season.

“A lot of other places javelin isn’t in high school so if you can get a head start now, you are that much further ahead,” Logan McGough, the javelin coach, said. “It’s an extra opportunity to for athletes compete.”

A group of high school coaches had been pushing for the state to add the event. They stressed that adding javelin would give athletes a better opportunity to obtain athletic scholarships. It may prove to increase the number of kids going out for track and participating as well.

“I think anything that is going to get kids out for track is a good thing, and it’s good that we made the change,” Patrick Moriarty, Central’s head track coach, said. Both Coach McGough and Coach Moriarty mentioned that the event could be exciting to past and new athletes, since they will all being starting on an even playing field without any experience in the event.

The event will be incorporated in the AA school meets but will not be scored as a team event at the state meet. All of the fine details are still being worked out and no standard has been set, but the event will be official for the 2022 track season.