Jung Looks to Upset Homecoming Court

Will homecoming see the crowning of King Colton? The unlikely nominee is riding a groundswell of support to challenge homecoming stalwarts.

By Erik Keohane

Colton Jung is looking to pull off the biggest homecoming upset in Central High School history. Jung is competing against Jeremy Weidmann and Wyatt Jungclaus to be crowned Central homecoming king. The girls that were nominated were Emma Avery, Dani Seljeskog, and Alison Miller.

Nobody was expecting Jung to earn a nomination for homecoming king, but now that he has made the top three, he could have a chance of winning the crown. To win, Colton must beat out the favorite, Jeremy Weidmann. Weidmann has been on homecoming court since he was a freshman, along with his girlfriend Dani Seljeskog. Jung will also have to beat out Wyatt Jungclaus, a strong candidate who is looking to win the king race alongside his girlfriend Alison Miller, who is a strong candidate for queen.

Homecoming court consists of two elections, one to determine the top three candidates for each gender, and another one to determine king and queen. Only seniors voted in the first election. The second election is a school-wide vote where voters pick one of the three male candidates for king and one of the three female candidates for queen. The second election votes have already been cast and are being counted.

Jung has become a symbol of the common man at Central. “I just want someone who isn’t the most popular to have a chance to become king,” Jung supporter Trent Foli said.  Colton Jung is not only gaining votes from his populist campaign, but from his unique look. Everybody knows Colton for his long blonde hair, blue jeans and leather jacket. “I want Colton to be homecoming king because of his luscious locks,” says Jace Oldham, another Jung supporter. Jung’s supporters have been very passionate for getting Jung votes. Foli claims that he got his entire English class to vote for Jung.

Colton Jung and his supporters have put together an unexpected homecoming campaign. Will it be enough? Only time will tell.