Cheez-its and Pizza Are Better Left Apart

Pizza Hut has reached for novelty with its Cheez-it pizza. Was it a good idea? Jake Brue tried it and has decided the Cheez-it and pizza worlds might want to stay exclusive.

By Jake Brue

Cheez-it pizza? Pizza Hut has come out with a picture of four large Cheez-it looking squares in a box. One of the squares is cut open, and a white, gooey cheese is oozing out of it. Based off the picture, the Cheez-it pizza looked dry, soft, and bland. But could the picture be wrong? Is it any good?

I wanted to give the Cheez-it pizza a shot and see how it tasted, so I placed an order and made my way over to the nearest Hut. It took about ten minutes to make and I was out the door with the cheesy treats. They came in a one foot by one foot box that said “Pizza Hut’s New Cheez-it Pizza is here.”

I opened the box and was greeted by a warm, cheesy smell, just like you would opening a normal pizza box. There was a little container of marinara sauce in the box with the four Cheez-its sitting there as well. They were smaller than I was expecting but still pretty substantial.

I took a bite out of one and was not impressed with the taste. The outer shell was soft and mushy, while the inside was an overwhelming amount of stringy gooey cheese. I finished off the first one without any of the marinara sauce. So on the second I thought, “Maybe the marinara will make it better,” and it did make it somewhat better.

Overall the Cheez-it pizza is just a lightly salted, thin, soft outer crust filled with a ton of cheese. Very dry and bland, the only thing you can really taste is a hint of salt, and then cheese. There is no crunch to it whatsoever and no reason to call this a pizza. There is an option that comes with pepperoni but I doubt that would make it any better. The price also is too much, charging me over six bucks.

So the pictures don’t lie. I would not recommend trying this product.