Christmas: It’s Not Too Early

Some Scrooges say you can’t listen to Christmas music until after Thanksgiving. Randee Thayer has something to say to those people: they’re wrong.

By Randee Thayer

Halloween is over. It’s not yet Thanksgiving. Does that mean it’s it too early for Christmas? Many people hate the idea of Christmas before December 15th, but I’ve already put up my tree. Nothing makes me more joyful than imagining all of the Christmas decorations and presents and Christmas music that will consume me with their holiday spirit.

“Why is there Christmas stuff out already? It’s still October!” says every cynical Christmas hater walking through stores buying Halloween candy. So many people complain about the Christmas aisles at Walmart, but those are my favorite parts about shopping. I purchased some new ornaments on October 30th, already imagining them on my tree. I spend more time looking at and buying new ornaments than I spend sleeping, which if you talk to people who know me, you’d know that is many hours a day. This begins in the middle of October until Christmas day. If I go shopping with someone and they lose me, 110% of the time I’ll be strolling the Christmas sections and filling my cart with unnecessary decorations.

I need at least a month to to admire all of the beautiful Christmas spirit glistening and twinkling throughout my house.

A couple years back I bought a little two foot tree to set up in my bedroom, because my mother never condones my early decorating of her living room. I’ve learned to decorate my bedroom instead, just to get my Christmas fix. Then she has to listen to my constant complaining to put the tree up until the weekend after Thanksgiving. That’s when she finally gives in and lets me put the big tree up.

Many people hate decorating early. “Christmas trees shouldn’t go up until the middle of December,” says Danielle Schmitt, a scrooge of a senior. But I couldn’t imagine waiting until the middle of December! I spend a solid six hours getting all of my decorations out and up all over my house, and I need at least a month to to admire all of the beautiful Christmas spirit glistening and twinkling throughout my house.

Christmas is my favorite holiday and I love getting into the Christmas spirit as soon as socially acceptable. November 1st is fair game to me. None of those Santa-hating, joy-killing Grinches will ever bring my spirits down. Christmas time is here and Christmas time is happening!

Photo: Shiny Things by Ken Douglas on Flickr

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