NHS Members Clean Up after Their Peers

by: Jacob Mobley

On Saturday, six students from the National Honor Society (NHS) assembled in the Central High School parking lot in an effort to clean up Rapid City by picking up trash by Rapid Creek. When the six students and Ms. Bauer gathered they saw a bigger problem than the creek: the Central High School parking lot. The plans of cleaning up the creek soon morphed into cleaning the parking lot and all of the food containers that were lying on the ground. At the end of the morning’s work the NHS members drew a couple conclusions about students at Central: 1) students really enjoy eating Taco Bell and the sauces from Little Ceasers, and 2) they will also throw gum wrappers anywhere they want.

The day was full of goofing around and trash clean up, or as Mr. Slaback would say, “Teaching these kids about the future careers of garbage clean up.” Overall the NHS students found the experience humbling, to say the least, seeing all of the trash that the students just leave lying on the ground. The students involved learned that even the smallest thing, as in picking up trash, can help make our school presentable and make it the best learning environment possible.

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