Cobblers Thrive in Dual Enrollment

The number of Cobblers dual-enrolled in high school and college classes is growing, with students succeeding.

By Maria Bunkers

Central high school students are thriving in college and technical institute classes. As juniors and seniors grow nearer to graduation, they are utilizing the opportunity to enroll in post-secondary courses at about the third of a regular college student’s cost. Dual enrollment is “definitely serving our students well,” says academic counselor Roxann Engel. “I would say that overall, students are successful, with the mass majority passing with C’s or higher.”

The graduating class of 2017 completed approximately 600 credits of dual enrollment, and this year the student involvement continues to grow. “Students are really taking advantage of this opportunity,” says Engel, “and more students are enrolling every year.” Central has the most students dual-enrolled in all of Rapid City.

Dual enrollment is a great financial resource for high schoolers, “but it is not for everybody,” says Engel. Because these are college classes, they affect students’ college transcripts. Thus, one must be willing to work hard to pass so that they don’t negatively affect their future.

Most students are enrolling through Western Dakota Tech—as it is free—but Black Hills State follows close behind. South Dakota School of Mines also has a fair number of Cobblers enrolled.

Photo: Large Lecture college classes by Kevin Dooley on Flickr