An Introvert’s Guide to Central High School

With 1,900 students, Central High School does not lead the list of introverts’ favorite places. But with a bit of strategy and insider know-how, introverts can improve the quality of their high school experience.

By Regan Garcia

High school is a notoriously loud, chaotic, public place. For introverts, this can be ruthless and exhausting, especially for 7 hours everyday. Introverts are people who enjoy the quiet and aren’t big on people. Calm and quiet places in school are essential to everyone, but especially for those who can’t get through the day without them. Here’s how to survive Central High School as an introvert.

Know the Quiet Places

The best place is definitely the library. It’s always quiet, and if you get bored you can check out and read any book they have, or use their computers. You can also aide for the library if you have an open block. “Its one of the only peaceful havens for people like me in this school, and, y’know, books,” says Kiley Knudson, one of the library aides.

The next best place is the commons during first, second, or fourth block. There are very few people who sit in the commons for their open block, so it’s usually very quiet. The first 15 minutes are reserved for quiet study hall, which is great for getting cram work done.

Even though the commons isn’t ideal, there are a few good spots for 3rd block and lunch. If you have to stay in the commons, your best bet is by the microwave or at the far end near the stairs. When it isn’t freezing cold or windy, outside in the courtyard is a good quiet place too, and a nice change from being stuck inside the building.

Know How to Get Around the School from Class to Class

The hallway is always crowded, and there’s no way to avoid it. The best way to get through is to walk confidently and go with the flow of the crowd. If you have to get through the opposing lane, either push your way through or wait for an opening. Stick to the sides, so that you’ll only have people on one side of you.

The upper level is usually a lot less crowded than the main floor, so it’s wise to travel there whenever it’s convenient. The English and math departments loop around, and while it is a tad more walking, those hallways are usually less crowded. The staircases in the science department and near the main entrance are less busy than the main ones, so if it’s convenient, use those.


Befriend your teachers. They went through high school too and they understand that it can be overwhelming. It’s nice to have someone to talk to, and you can also aide for some who need any extra help.

Bring earbuds and a music player of some kind. The library allows you to use them for music and studying, and they are useful for when the commons are too loud.

I take a book with me everywhere I go, and find there are all sorts of opportunities to dip in,” says Stephen King in his memoir On Writing. A book is a great way to block out the noise of the world, and easily portable thanks to technology. You can have a book on your phone in readable format, or as an audiobook.