Students Dress Up for Christmas

Every day is a dress up day the week before Christmas. Will students dress up?

By Holly Allen

There is a lot of excitement when Christmas is near, and Central is celebrating with dress up days to get the holiday spirit flowing. Will students dress up? Do students enjoy these dress up days? Senior Caitlin King said, “I will dress up for most of them, it’s fun getting in the Christmas spirit. It lightens the mood and ends the semester in a really fun way.” Senior Tori Henry agrees but would like to increase involvement. “I enjoy them a lot but I think they would be better if more kids dressed up,” she said.

Monday’s dress up theme is Christmas pajamas, (students had to bring two dollars or two cans of food for this one), Tuesday is ugly sweater (which is also the theme for the basketball game that night), Wednesday is Christmas twin, Thursday is white out and Christmas socks, and Friday is Christmas apparel or Christmas decorations. Some students merely don’t dress up because they forget and some are just too lazy.