Homecoming Hype and Coronation Photos

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As homecoming week draws to a close it is worth noting how great Cobbler students are. During the counselors’ presentations to freshmen earlier this week Mr. McGowan asked students where else they could imagine a gathering of 1,600 teenagers  with no reported incidents. Yet it happened at the homecoming dance last year, and the Cobbler family has reason to believe it will happen again this year at the homecoming dance.

Friday is a full day for students, who in large part aren’t heading home for a good 16 hours, at least. Students go from class to the pep rally to the Cobbler car caravan to the Burger King supplied tailgate party (free Burger King for everyone in the car caravan!) to the football game to the dance. A number of students have said they plan to change out of their full Cobbler get up for the dance tonight.

The pictures in the slideshow above, which mark Monday’s coronation and bonfire, are all from Chad Petersen.

You rock, Cobblers!