Freshmen, the Inferior Class of High School

The common theme that runs among upperclassmen is their hatred for freshmen. Why are they so annoying? From their awkward relationships to their endless talk of Fortnite, freshman are made out to be the scum of Central. But are they?

By: Dylan Grundstrom

What is the most annoying thing about Central? If you said freshmen, you’re right. What is it about freshmen that we all hate? Even while I was a freshmen myself, I hated freshmen. We were basically like the 8th Grade: Part Two of high school. Seriously, what made that year so bad?

Perhaps it was all of the terrible and awkward relationships that people got into. One example is the people that engage in too much PDA. If they do more than hold hands, it usually hurts to watch. An instance of this is when a couple hugs as if they are each going to war before the next class. What’s even worse is when they walk, they can’t just hold hands. They have to hug walk in the cringiest way possible. For anyone who may not know, this is when they wrap arms around each other while somehow holding hands.

People like this do not give freshmen a good reputation. But somehow, other students are worse. There is also the group of students that does things that others would frown upon: using e-cigarettes. Specifically vapes or juuls, which are popular among the under-aged. Most of us have heard or seen it, but seeing random freshman doing it by slipping it in the hallways or in the jumbled bunch of people in the lunch line just destroys our hope for the next generation.

unnamed (1).jpg
The Upstairs Core during a passing period

To top it all off, there are the rambunctious kids. Many freshmen have not yet learned boundaries and tend to jump around while shouting in other students’ personal space.

Some students also unironically do Fortnite dances in a serious context, others screech “Random” at random times for random reasons. And then there are the students that invest into memes. Not just any memes, or even memes that make sense. Most of the time, humor can come out of something as simple as a famous YouTuber photo-shopped onto a popular movie character with a one letter caption.

By the time those same students become juniors, or even sophomores, they also start to hate it, because they’ve matured a little. But usually the freshmen who are generally liked are the freshmen who also hate freshman. For some odd reason, I myself have even friended freshmen who have developed a self-hate for their own class. But it doesn’t end there. Even the sort of freshmen who are generally liked can act condescending to others around them. The condescending people act as if they run the school and sometimes are just plain rude.

But one thing is certain: we were all there at one point, the bottom of the high school bucket, a freshman, learning about what our next four years will be like. Most of the time there’s something that all of us hate: being a freshman.

Photo: Caden Lefler