Everything Vegetarians/Vegans are Tired of Hearing

In recent years vegetarianism and veganism have been on a steady rise, particularly as several horrible slaughterhouse videos have surfaced. Two-year vegetarian Sarah Thormahlen responds to the comments vegetarians and vegans hear on the daily.

By: Sarah Thormahlen

Honestly, it is 2018, more and more people are going vegetarian and vegan. Is it really that hard of a concept to grasp? Or are you really that against it?

Here is a list of things that we are tired of hearing, and I hope you take notes.

1. “You’re lacking protein, without meat you cant get the protein you need.”

Tofu, beans, lentils, seitan, seeds, quinoa, oats, rice, and nuts just to name a few. And quite frankly, these are much healthier for you than a chunk of meat at a fast food drive through with who knows what in it.

2. “But don’t you miss meat? It’s so good!”

No, I don’t. Meat has always grossed me out and made me gag thinking about what I’d be eating. And, believe it or not, a veggie dog and veggie patty tastes even better knowing it’s not made of animal!

3. “Plants have feelings too, you’re killing plants.”

Do I really have to comment on this? Moving on.

4. “BUT what if you were trapped on a deserted island, then would you eat meat?

I guess I’ll figure that out when I find myself on an island all alone with no plants or other sources of food, yet there are animals alive and well, waiting for me to eat them.

5. It’s how the world works: we are the top of the food chainthey’re killed humanely.

Trust me, you don’t want to see the truth. Just do some research and you might just think twice when you say that.

6. “Are you going to force your ideals on me and make me feel guilty?”

Absolutely not. I will not guilt trip you and make you feel wrong for what you believe in and eat as long as you respect mine. But, if you don’t respect my morals, prepare for an argument that you will regret starting.

And last but certainly not least, PLEASE do not laugh in my face, make me feel weak and over-sensitive for having a big heart and expressing my beliefs.