Hunting for the Best Dressed at Homecoming

Pine Needle reporter Kate Vickmark grabbed her camera and went searching for the best dressed homecoming students this week. Here’s her midweek report:

I set out to find the best costumes I could this homecoming week. I came across colors, creativity, quite a bit of hairspray, and a few pocket protectors. As you all may know, the days so far have been crazy! Seeing doubles on Twin Day, living in our parents shoes (literally) on 80s Retro Day, and walking too slow for comfort on Senior Citizen Day, we can only look forward to togas and class spirits from here out.

Twin Day was a hard one; I was torn between several great pairs. There were twins like Molly R. and Annaliese P., who matched down to the last strand of hair

or pairs who had a little more comical approach to it like Lander S. and Sam K. Lander and Sam won best twins.

On 80s Retro Day I found that I loved Kortney N’s classy outfit, Molly R. once again came with a great neon ensemble,

but my favorite was Lisa R. who looked adorable and very original in her plaid shirt and vintage sneakers.

Senior Citizen Day was the hardest of all because EVERYONE did a wonderful job! Ashley S. showed off her make up skills with some crow’s feet and baggy eyes to match her curlers. Dustin H. resembled a few of our older teachers at Central.

Dustin H. with Heidi D.

But over all I was very impressed with a group of friends who all seemed to have this “old people” thing down. Chris Z., Travis A., Jace H. and Zach R. were prime examples of your stereotypical senior citizens. I can’t wait to see what everyone has in store for me next!

Kate makes a cameo appearance with some elderly students.