Students’ Approaches to Studying Vary

Studying is what students do, but how do they do it? Their strategies vary widely.

By Dylan Grundstrom

Test-taking is a very important part of high school, so it is a rather good idea to know what to do.

However how a student may study varies from person to person. One example would be senior Leah Anderson. “When I’m studying, I make a pattern so that I know what I need to study and what I know. I kinda make my own study guide. And with the things I need to remember, I make a corny saying to remember it.”

A popular thing to do while studying is listen to music. “If I’m listening to music while studying, it usually helps,” said senior Taylor Linde. Some students have a similar philosophy on test-taking.

Other students, however, disagree with having a specific form for studying. “I usually just read through what I have or do study guides,” said sophomore Dylan Buechler. While many treat studying like a superstition, not all students feel the same. “I’m not superstitious, only a little stitious,” Buechler said. “If I focus and read, it usually turns out all right when I take tests.” Buechler also says that sometimes he isn’t so focused. “I like to watch The Office  while I do school work. It’s less stressful when I get to take small breaks between work.”

Photo: 20100203-5D2-5127b by Dan Foy on Flickr