To Support BORNS Is to Ignore His Victims

Supporting women who have been assaulted may mean disavowing things we love–like BORNS.

By Melia Braun

Pure bliss is driving through the hills on a summer night, without a care in the world. The sky is painted shades of pink and orange with the hills peeking through. The windows are down, allowing the smell of trees and fresh air to waft in. My sister Maddie and I having the time of our lives dancing and singing as loud as we can to our “Summer 18” playlist, which mostly consists of our favorite BORNS songs. Ah yes, BORNS. By this time Maddie and I have fallen completely in love with him. His music evokes emotions unlike anything else in this world.

Summer eventually comes to a end, and I still find myself turning to his music to bring me back to those perfect summer nights. My best friend Megan and I find that blasting BORNS after a long day at school tends to alleviate some of the stress that comes with school. Earlier in the year, we promised each other that we would somehow, someway, find the opportunity to see him live. He is our favorite musician, after all, and there is no doubt that we would regret it if we missed this chance.

Only weeks later, I happened to come across a BORNS concert in Denver. I immediately called Megan and it took me about two seconds to convince her. Megan and I were ecstatic, we had everything planned for what was supposed to be the night of our lives. We finally had something to look forward to and nothing could stop us from going. However, this elevated feeling quickly faded as we read the news just days later. Seemingly overnight, multiple women came forward and accused BORNS of sexual assault.

Going to the concert would only say to the accusers that while yes we believe you, we are still going let BORNS slip the incident under the rug.

At first I said to myself, “there is no way any of those claims are real.” I always thought of him as a pure and genuine person. His music made me feel pure happiness and complete bliss. But of course, I didn’t actually know him at all. I started to realize that these allegations needed to be taken seriously. After accepting the person he was, I was disappointed to say the least. I had spent my time and money on someone unworthy. In the following days I couldn’t stop my mind from racing. Megan and I both were completely torn. Do we waste our money and avoid the concert in an effort to show that we believe his accusers, or do we go, knowing that we are still supporting him?

Going to the concert would only say to the accusers that while yes we believe you, we are still going let BORNS slip the incident under the rug. It became clear to me that there are absolutely no repercussions for men assaulting women. Even after being accused, BORNS still had countless sold out shows. These people were choosing not to stand up for the women.

This experience made me completely sure of one thing: We can not keep supporting men that sexually assault women. BORNS used his fame to take advantage of young women and there is no excuse for ignoring it. Countless times, we have watched men get away with sexual assault, and we will continue to see it until we speak up. Unfortunately, this is the narrative in America today. Choosing not to stand up for assaulted women only gives more power to the perpetrators. No longer. This has to end now.

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