Cobblers Up Close: Jolo Robles

Ever seen that senior who trips on someone walking nearby, scattering his books and pencils throughout the hallway while his friends roll their eyes? If so, you’ve probably already met Jolo Robles.

By Trinity Morrison

In the morning senior Jolo Robles can be seen walking to class, and as he enters the science department, he turns around to face his friends and wave goodbye; meanwhile he purposely trips over the nearest trash can for the fifth time that week.

Jolo is well known for his “bits.” According to Jolo, “a bit is kind of like and act or a joke. It’s like an act or a joke at the same time. You’re, like, acting to joke.”  Most of Jolo’s bits are inspired by other people and then he puts his own twist on them. It appears the most troubling question I asked him was what his favorite bit was. Although he couldn’t come up with an answer, I think the one he is most known for is singing “Hallelujah” super loud in the halls.

Although Jolo is well known for being funny all the time and doing these bits, he also wants to be known for having a positive impact on those around him and, of course, for his fashion. His fashion inspiration is his good friend Aiden Davis and other influential people such as Tyler, The Creator and Brockhampton.

Jolo is always busy with two AP classes, the pressures of senior year, being in two theatrical productions, and having a job, but when he has some free time, he likes to hang out with his friends or make and watch YouTube videos. His freshman year, Jolo would upload videos all the time on YouTube, and then he neglected it for a couple of years because he got super busy. He has started back up again this year with making funny vlogs when he’s with his friends, and he plans on posting the first few soon.

One of Jolo’s favorite hobbies is theatre. He has participated in every Central show since the beginning of his sophomore year and he loves it. His first show was Romeo and Juliet. He decided to audition because an upperclassman told him that he would not regret it, and he certainly didn’t. He has participated mostly on stage but was once on hair and makeup crew as well. You can see him as Pierre Gringoire in The Hunchback of Notre Dame, which opens Thursday, as well as in the upcoming ACTS show, Newsies, as Romeo.

After high school Jolo plans on going one of two routes. One is moving to California to make some sort of art and “living his best life,” and the other is studying at SDSU to become a pharmacist. He referred to the second option as the safe one. When asked where he sees himself in five years, he said “I have no idea!”