Yoga Club Lowering Cobblers’ Stress

School is stressful, but a biology teacher is helping Cobblers relieve their stress with yoga.

By Anya Hammond

New to Central High School this year is the yoga club, which hosts yoga in room S100 every Wednesday after school. Started by biology teacher Julie McGeary, one of the club’s goals is to help kids at Central manage and relieve stress through yoga.

“Yoga has played a huge role in managing stresses and just everything that comes with life,” McGeary said, explaining how she originally got into yoga to help with the everyday stresses of life.

While yoga is a physical activity that builds core strength and flexibility and can be used to help with injury and pain, it is also has the benefit of teaching mindfulness. McGeary explained that being mindful of your breathing or what you’re smelling, seeing, or hearing can help your mental state and help you relax, which is helpful to manage the stresses and anxiety high school can cause.

She added that yoga is for everyone regardless of their age or physical ability. The stresses of life and school cause anxiety in many, if not all high school students and yoga is a great way to calm your mental state.

“Physical aspects are important, clearly, but so are the mental health benefits,” McGeary said.

McGeary hopes to expand the yoga club and eventually have enough members to move into a bigger space, but until then the yoga club will be held in room S100 every Wednesday at 3:45.

Photo: Roll-Up Yoga Mat on a White Background by Marco Verch on Flickr