In Some Ways, Cobbler Homecomings Have Changed

Like other holidays, homecoming is a week steeped in traditions. But were homecomings at Central High School always just like this?

By Daisy Kaczmarek

We all know homecoming has changed since 1970, but has it changed more than you think? Nowadays with homecoming, many students go to the football game, but not as many go to the dance. A number of students dress up early in the week, and lots dress up for red out, but is that all people did in the past? It turns out it’s not even close to the what students would say 20-40 years ago! According to a few Central teachers, homecoming used to be very different.

In 1974, homecoming was BIG! Mrs. Mudge, a substitute teacher who graduated from Central,  said that coronation was the biggest event of homecoming week. “Coronation was the highlight of homecoming,” said Mudge. “If you didn’t go people would notice.” According to Mrs. Mudge, the homecoming court would wear white. In ’74 homecoming was more about beauty than it was about school spirit.

In 1989, homecoming was popular and FUN! Mrs. Warren, a former Cobbler and now a Central English teacher, remembers her homecoming to be fun, drama free, and filled with school spirit. Ms. Warren said that, “When you don’t have to ‘police’ the events, you can have more stuff to do and end up having more fun!” To students of today, this statement is shocking. Homecomings today are very limited in comparison to homecomings of the past because fights and immaturity have ruined these events for many students.

This is how Mr. Berg, a former Cobbler and currently a Central art teacher, remembers his freshman homecoming in 1999. Less than 20 years ago there was something called “Freshman Initiation.” Mr. Berg recalls how a group of junior girls taped him to a light post in the parking lot in nothing but boxers for his own initiation. As Berg says, “Homecoming used to be way more wild and untamed.”

Clearly, homecomings of the past were uniquely fun and exciting. The events didn’t need to be policed. There was much to do. Students could have fun and have something to remember.