Someone You Know May Need Your Blood

by: Marcus B.

Did you know that 80% of the population will need at least a unit of blood in their lifetime? One of these people is Kaelynn Talley (Mr. Talley’s daughter), who was recently diagnosed with hemolytic anemia, a condition that requires blood and plasma transfusions.  This is just one of the times blood is required, so to help people who need blood Central High School is hosting a blood drive in Kaelynn’s honor on Friday, November 5th. Come be part of one of the biggest blood drives in the area, because you never know when you will be one of those 80% who need someone to give blood for you.

The Need

Hospitals need 155 units of blood on average a day, and when you consider that 60% of the population can donate every 4 to 5 weeks, it seems like we could get the required units. The trouble is that only 5% of those 60% do donate. Mr. Talley said, “People need to raise awareness for the need of blood.” This makes a lot of sense when you consider the previous facts, so come and give blood at the Central Blood Drive, and ask around–the number one reason people don’t donate is they have never been asked.

The Donation

  • It will take around an hour, and that includes a refreshment period where food and water will be provided.
  • You will be asked a few questions to make sure you are fit to donate blood.
  • Before donating, eat a good meal and drink a bottle of water  before donating (10-30 min.).
  • You must be at least 16 and if under 18 must have a signed minor donor permit. These can be given to you by any anatomy student.
  • Males must be at least 5 feet tall and 110 pounds.
  • Females should see the minor donor permit for height and weight requirements.
  • Students can only donate during an open block (or after school).

Please go donate blood!

Photo: Gina donates blood on Flickr by: Michael B