Two Senior Sports Captains Look Back

by: Dylon Wilson

It’s been quite an adventure for Lauren Tadlock and Alek Dallman in the last four years; they have both played their sports for four years and have now both been captains of their teams. Tadlock has a bittersweet feeling on the season and she isn’t satisfied with her team’s 2nd place finish last year. Tadlock has been busy trying to get college scouts to look at her while being a very influential captain on the volleyball team. She has had her ups and downs in the last four years, from the thrill of playing in the championship game last year while being the underdog, to losing in three sets to Aberdeen. Tadlock has learned many things over the years, one of those things is that “for anything thing to work, you have to play like a team and you can never be selfish.”

Dallman has been a very promising kick returner and defensive back for the football team. He was handpicked by the coaches to be a captain because of his drive and his passion for the game of football. Dallman has had fun this season, being that it was his senior season, but wasn’t happy with the team’s record. Over the last four years Dallman has had quite a career, most of his playing time coming from playing wide receiver and catching TD passes his freshman and sophomore years. Like Tadlock, Dallman has also had his ups and downs, from his only TD reception on his tippy toes this season to having a disappointing loss against Sturgis in the fourth quarter. But Dallman has learned a valuable lesson about football and life: “Play the game to have fun and get better at it.”