Issues: Technology and Manners – Tech can be good or bad

This week on the Pine Needle three students consider the state of manners in our culture and consider the question, Is technology ushering in a new era of rudeness?

by: Lisa Fort

People all over the world rely on technology in their everyday lives. Phones, computers and many other devices are used every single day by people all over the world. Some are used for work while others could be for just playing games or communicating with others. Many people think our generation is rude because we have so much growing technology right at our finger tips. I both agree and disagree with this.

I agree because some kids these days use technology irresponsibly. With cyber bullying, for example, a child can just log onto Facebook or any other social networking site and say whatever they want to whomever they want. Also, once technology has made an impact on their lives many people can’t go a day without using it. An example of this is how teenagers always seem to ‘need’ to have their phone on them at all times. Another rude way people use technology is when someone is talking to them and they totally ignore what that person is saying by using their phone or watching TV. If a students’ school has a “no cell phone rule” but students use their phones in school anyway and it’s not an emergency, then I think that if they are disrupting teachers and students then that is rude. There are times and places where technology is appropriate.

I disagree with the statement that our generation is rude for using technology because we can find out just about anything we need with the smart phones in our pockets. Honestly, where would the world be without technology? When I go to work I use technology to do just about everything I do. It helps me out a lot. Computers and phones have so much information that help me out with a lot of things. Communication is also a big thing when it comes to technology; I can talk to pretty much anyone in the world at any time. I think that is fantastic when just years ago you had to write letters to people across the world.

Technology has done good and bad things in our society. I think that there is a time and place to use technology. Ultimately, technology is a very good thing as long as you are using it politely.