Roundup: Friday Unofficially Declared Zombie Day

Today (Friday) is the blood drive put on by Mrs. Linde’s anatomy and physiology class. Last year donations were quite high–will the numbers exceed past expectations again?

Erin L ('11) gives blood at last year's blood drive


This Friday is unofficially Zombie Day here at Central High School. At least, after two nights of conferences in one week, zombies are what the teachers all look like. Veterans Day next Friday will likely be a welcome reprieve, for everyone.


Speaking of parent-teacher conferences, the unofficial number of parents who visited Tuesday was unknown and Thursday was 363. There was a mishap on the counting from Tuesday, so the official tally will never be known . . .


While we’re on the subject of parent-teacher conferences, have you noticed how many students text their friends while sitting there with their parents and teachers? True, phones are not banned during conferences, but if your grades are low and you’re getting in trouble, it seems it would be wise to keep the phone in your pocket for a couple minutes.


Phone-wise students seem to be more compliant with the cell phone rules this year. During the first quarter, the office logged 167 first offense cell phone violations and only 8 second offense violations. Last year the numbers were 233 for first offense and 29 for second–that’s an overall 33% decrease in cell phone violations for this year.


Senora Lipp reports that Spanish classes marked El Dia de los Muertos on Tuesday and Wednesday. They learned what it is, how it is celebrated, and most importantly, they ate homemade tamales! Here’s to guessing that the boys particularly appreciated the Day of the Dead (“the quickest way to a man’s heart is through is stomach”).


Students from the Shakespeare class were seen prancing around school insulting people on Thursday. The insults were highly offensive, maybe, but no one quite knew how to take it when told they were knavish, pinch-spotted rampallions. Ms. Bauer knew best how to respond, however, as she began chastising her insulters vehemently in German, frightening them away.


Chemistry classes recently celebrated Mole Day by creating some cute mole characters. The 400 moles were put into contests by category and won some awards. You can see more pictures on the Pine Needle Flickr page.

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