Roundup: Science Heats Up after First Quarter

Tickets for One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest went on sale this week and the best seats sold out fast for all the evening shows. If you don’t like sitting on the sides you might want to consider the Saturday matinee. If you don’t like the matinee . . . next year you should consider camping out the night before tickets go on sale. Perhaps we’ll even get Tony Sloat to come back and take your picture. He’s taken plenty of the production of the play and you can view them at the Pine Needle’s Flickr page.

Tech Crew Builds the Set for "Cuckoo" (photo by Tony Sloat)


The new science department finally got some heat flowing earlier this week after a few days weeks of cold air. An official hyperbole thermometer measured temps inside the classrooms at 6 C, which, if you apply the 9/5 C – 32 formula (this formula is unique to the hyperbole thermometer) means it was 21 F below zero in the science wing! The English department was grateful that the new wing is so isolated, because if it had been closer some of that cold air would have invaded their space. Brrr.


Speaking of what is hot and what is cold, an unofficial survey of a few students declared science to be the coldest part of the building and the rest of the building to be cold as well. Students were split on what was warmest, not wanting to award any department the honors of being actually warm, though if you want warmth, you need to sit near Mrs. Mertes’s desk in the library on a sunny day. Really though, we have to remember it could be worse.


The girls volleyball team travels to Mitchell tomorrow to try to scrap their way into the state tournament in Sioux Falls next week. If the last two sets they lost to Stevens on Tuesday are an indicator, few teams at state are going to be happy to see the Cobbler girls there. They were able to play with one of the best teams in the state and if given another chance could knock off a team or two in the tournament. Good luck, girls!


Did you say no school Friday? Yes, we did! Veteran’s Day is the annual kick off to the barely-come-to-school stretch of the year. Between now and January 3rd students get 12 days of school off–that’s two and a half weeks of vacation spread over less than two months. Enjoy it now, of course, because in spring, students will be begging for a day–just one day!–to take off and enjoy with friends.


Got a tidbit we should mention in the weekly roundup? Let us know by either emailing Mr. Sheehy directly or sending it straight to the Pine Needle at chspineneedle at gmail dot com

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