Movie Buff Looks Back on Repo Man

by: Alan Smithee

Emilio Estevez is very famous for the “Breakfast Club,” but do I care? Of course not! Emilio will be remembered for Maximum Overdrive and Young Guns, oh! and REPO MAN! I swear this is one of the coolest movies I have ever seen. It has everything I look for in a movie: car chases, fights, punk music, good acting, oh, and aliens in the back of a guy’s trunk that turn people into ash.

Sound good so far? Emilio plays punk rocker bum Otto. Every time he gets punched or slapped he just laughs about it. Getting shot at? He laughs! And that’s what makes him so great. He is the best part of the movie, but all the other characters can get kind of annoying. Yet they fall through and have their funny moments. He has these three really trashy friends who always rob stores and get sushi without paying–bad guys right?

The people who really annoy me in this film though are the government people. Every time there is a part with them in it, it’s too over the top and boring. They don’t really fit in, but you need someone who is trying to hunt down the aliens.

This movie is written and directed by Alex Cox. He was once on the top of his game but is now kind of a shadow in the film industry. He did one thing though . . . he made me really want to be a repo man. Now you’re all saying “It’s just a movie, Alan” but no! Minus the aliens this is how it is. I asked my father’s friend who is a repo man and he said it is pretty dead on.

One more thing I want to say. If you want to have fun and watch a pretty cool 80s flick, check this one out. It is on Netflix, waiting for you . . . calling your name . . . “Watch me.”

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  1. I love this movie so much! People always get disappointed when going through my collection when they see this one though, their first thought is that is Repo the Genetic Opera and after being corrected they tend to sulk. Even though Repo man is in my opinion much stronger film.

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