New Breakfast Choices in February

by: Andrea Renville and Nicole Krebs

Starting in early February, the Rapid City Area Schools Food Service will begin providing students with new breakfast selections. Janelle Peterson, M.Ed Food Service Supervisor, informed the teachers of both Central High and Stevens High School that there will be healthier breakfast options for the high schools of RCAS. They will be offering more protein such as eggs and turkey sandwiches. Healthier options like omelets, wraps, and breakfast pizza. The menu is going to be cycled through. Other options include hot and cold cereals, fresh fruit, cheese quesadillas and yogurt parfaits.

Photo by: Lakeisha Young Bull Bear


The expansion is a great opportunity for students to have a good healthy breakfast that may not have time to eat in the morning. Their goal is to provide government regulated foods that appeal to high school students, but also provide a healthy breakfast. Expansions will also reach out to vegetarians, so they too can have a healthy meal to start the day. The new breakfast options will be available on February 6, 2012. This is a pilot program that RCAS Food Service hopes can reach the middle schools one day.

Here is what a few students said about the expansions:

  • “It is helpful to have more healthy options. This is a good idea.”  Lisa, 11th grade
  • “I think it is a good idea.” Hannah, 9th grade
  • “They should offer breakfast meals with coffee.” Richard, 11th grade
  • “I think it is a good idea because it gives the students more variety in what they can choose.” Kendsy, 10th grade
Photo by: Lakeisha Young Bull Bear