Cobbler Girls Drop Close One to Raiders

by: Donavin Neugebauer and Zach Renville

Last night’s battle for the top girls’ basketball team in Rapid City ended as a heartbreak for the Cobbler girls. The Raiders came out on top, making a big impact on the Central fans. The Central Cobblers (9-11) hosted the Stevens Raiders (9-9) at Naaz gymnasium, and while Stevens fired quick, starting the game on a 10-0 run, Central stayed in it. Later in the first half Central came back and took the lead from Stevens.

Central looked like they were struggling all night long, missing various shots and free throws. Luckily for Central, Stevens didn’t capitalize, so that is what led to such a close game. At half Central was up 28-23 and they were looking to keep the lead for the rest of the game.

The half time show consisted of the Cobbler Co-Eds dancing to various songs they have been practicing for a while. Also at half people came and supported a girl named Raven from Southwest Middle School, who collapsed in a basketball game, and for the last year now she has been battling cancer. Everyone at the game last night was supporting her and her family.

When the basketball restarted, Central looked to keep somewhat of a lead, and while shots still weren’t falling, again Stevens didn’t capitalize. The 3rd quarter and the start of the 4th quarter were a bust to watch. Nothing really happened until late in the game. At that point, it was very close, and with a minute left Central was up by one. At this particular point they needed to inbound the ball and run the clock or wait for a Stevens player to foul and send Central to the line. Central in-bounded and Stevens did foul, but Central wasn’t in the bonus yet to be sent to the line for free throws.

Central took a timeout and came back to inbound to Taylor Bauer, who took one dribble and got tripped by a Stevens player. The ball was stolen and Katie Klapprodt, #3 for the Raiders, got fouled and went to the line for two. She made the first free throw to tie the game at 46. Stevens then took a timeout to take pressure off Klapprodt, and it helped, as she made the second to put Stevens up 47-46.

Central quickly took their last timeout and the inbound came through to Chelsey Carmichael, who squared up for three. The ball hit back iron, but Central had a second chance, grabbing the offensive rebound. Tori Holt put up a shot and the ball again hit back iron, this time bouncing out at the buzzer, allowing Rapid City Stevens to take the win against the Central Cobblers.