Photo Contest Winners Announced

by: Shayla Imberi

Central High School’s photography club, run by Mrs. Allen, has just completed a photography contest on who could be the best photographer at Central. The contest was open category and was one dollar per entry. At first things weren’t really kicking up, but with the great support of our Cobblers, including teachers, the contest had a great outcome for contestants.

There were a lot of amazing pictures, and it was really hard to choose only three. The three winners had some competition, but they proved through the pictures they took to be dedicated in photography.

First place was taken by Cheyenne Charlton, a sophomore who is very dedicated to what she does. I had spoken with her about the contest and she was not expecting her placement. “I didn’t expect to win. There were so many amazing pictures; I only entered to show the world that I have potential,” she said. When I asked her if she was excited about winning first, the response I was given was, “Very.” This is a girl who is in love with photography, and who has shown us Cobblers’ just how much potential she has.

Cheyenne Charlton’s first place photo.

Second place was taken by Abby Zick, with her amazing photograph of a “set up for Santa.” This picture made the judges feel warm and young at heart. It was a very “eye catching” picture.

Abby Zick’s second place photo.

Third place was taken by Katie Layton, who had the fire fighter photo, which was great. Her picture gave the judges a warm-hearted feeling and a rush of respect for the people who lay their lives on the line for us.

Katie Layton’s third place photo.

These girls have shown their talent, and from what the photography club has seen, a lot of Cobblers have talent. Step up, and show it off Cobblers! Congratulations winners!

The three winners of the photo contest.