The Movie Buff Looks Back on: Nails

by: Alan Smithee

What do you consider horror? Spooky atmosphere, creepy music, messing with your head? No, modern people don’t see horror as that. They see gore, they see people being eaten, they see shaky cameras. That’s not the same. If you want to find some good old creepy horror films, look to lower budget movies.

Think about it like this. They barely have any money, not even enough to make a good effect or two. All they have is some fake blood and a few fake eye balls. What can they do? Film it in darker light so no one can really notice. They also don’t have enough money to make a whole set or rent a place, so what can they do? Decorate their apartment a bunch of different times to make it look like their characters are going to different places. Also, one more tip is to get as many creative shots as they can; if their cinematography is crap their film might just fall apart.

Why am I talking about this? Because everything I just said, Nails does, and it does it well. This is a Russian film that came out in 2001, directed by now somewhat famous underground director Andery Iskanov (he’s my friend on Facebook, I’m cool!). This film is about a hit man that is stressed out by his job. What’s there to be stressed out about? Sounds like a good paying job to me! Anyway, he has been getting these really bad headaches. He has tried everything but they just won’t go away. He soon finds out that the only way to make this pain go away is to drive nails into his skull (has he ever heard of Advil?). He starts seeing things and is slowly going crazy, go figure! Driving nails into your skull can you mess you up! At the end drills his head open and pulls his brain out. THE END.

Really, that’s about it. It’s a fairly short film; at the start of the film you see a bit of action, him killing some mafia looking people. And no more after that. You get some flashing pictures of the people he killed, but it really doesn’t go too much into his work. But that’s not bad cause it’s not really that kind of movie, it’s not really shocking either, it just makes you think. This movie is really just about a head ache from hell, seriously people! Haven’t you ever wanted to smash yourself in the head when you have a head ache? I know I have! I have watched this film many times: I love the music, I love the set up, how the people dress. It wouldn’t be the same with a high budget, and it does a good job for what it is. Everyone needs to learn: money doesn’t make a movie, creativity makes a movie. That’s what film making is all about.

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  1. This film sounds sick, the pictures in my head are crazy. Guessing it isn’t as bad as what I’m thinking though.. I’m gonna try to track this down.

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