Students Enjoy College for a Day

Counselors in the Cobbler Career Center continue to provide students with opportunities to see what options they have after high school. Among those opportunities are college-for-a-day visits, where students visit a South Dakota college and to see what it might be like to attend. Recently a group of Central students visited the University of South Dakota in Vermillion, which prompted Dana Young to make the following observations:

I loved going to the USD campus! I’m so glad I went because I had a lot of fun while I was there and I kind of feel bad for those seniors that didn’t go. They missed out on the theater production of Brigadoon that the Fine Arts department put on and that was amazing!!! But the only problem I had with that was that the actors could sing louder than I ever could.

We also got to go bowling that Friday night which was cool because the bowling alley wasn’t even a block away from the campus. Plus, I found out that giving high school students a highlighter in a black light bowling alley is pretty interesting. I really lived going to Coyote Village (one of the dorm buildings) and just chilling with students at USD. We met some really cool people and got to sleep in the dorms for a night. But what I absolutely loved about being there was the music museum. They have some of the oldest instruments in history and a lot from all around the world.

Don’t get me wrong, we got to see the campus and sit in on some classes too. I got to sit in on a choir class and that was really cool. I even got to work on one of the songs our concert choir is doing which was kind of funny. But USD is now a school I am really considering for a college and the expansion they’re doing to the campus is going to make it even better!

There is a trip planned for the SD School of Mines on February 27, so students interested in attending should zip down to the Career Center to sign up.

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