Voting for the Class of 2013 T-Shirt

The time has come for the seniors to choose their T-shirt design, and this is the place to vote for your favorite. Examine each choice carefully and then vote using the poll at the bottom of the article. If you want to look more closely at a design, just click on the image.

Option 1: Cobbler Batman  (Note: Triskadekaphobia is the fear of the number 13)


Option 2: Triskadekaphobia (Note: Triskadekaphobia is the fear of the number 13)


Option 3: Senior Time

Senior Time with sword

Option 4: The Class that Adds Up

Class that adds Up



Option 5: Cobbler Style

Cobbler Style full mascot

Option 6: Odds in Your Favor

Odds in Favor Cobbler Guy

Option 7: 2013 Large

2013 large

Those are your choices. Examine them closely, and then choose your favorite!