Weekly Roundup: Getting Snow, Giving Blood, and Kidnapping Humphrey Bogart

With the school district’s new motto of, “Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow,” the year continues to get stranger. Some interesting facts regarding the snow days:

  • Rapid City’s average annual snowfall for April is 8.8 inches. This month we have received 39.5 inches (so far), a new record.
  • Teachers have to make up 22.5 hours of work that students do not. The students will finish school at 1:00pm on May 24th.
  • The Rapid City Track-o-Rama was postponed for the second time, this time to be run on May 16th. Will it be cancelled? National Weather Service records show that on May 2nd, 2008 Rapid City received 12 inches of snow, setting a May record, so if Track-O-Rama is cursed with snow again, it will take another record-setting storm.
  • This week marks the fifth week in a row Rapid City schools have not had a five day week.
  • Students were released for an early release this Wednesday, the first time they’ve been released early since March 20th.


Did you know that a single blood donation can save up to three lives? If you’ve never been asked to donate blood before consider this your first official invitation. Talk to Mrs. Linde or any of her Anatomy and Physiology students if you’re interested in helping to save someone’s life and making a difference. The blood drive is on April 26th so if you’re over seventeen or sixteen with a signed parental consent form and you’re interested talk to Mrs. Linde. Take a few minutes to donate; you won’t regret it.


This past Saturday was prom, with the miraculous transformation of the Civic Center Arena documented here. Around 1,200 students from Central and Stevens attended prom itself, with another 350 students coming to the official after-prom bash. While the event was for the most part law-abiding and fun, one incident was reported near the end of prom: the kidnapping of Humphrey Bogart. While historians might be quick to point out that Bogart died in 1957, Cobblers are aware that he has lived for the last seven years in cardboard form in Mrs. Mueller’s classroom. Mrs. Mueller and Mrs. Oldham, our Cobbler prom queen and princess, respectively, noticed that the Bogie had been abducted as the prom was winding down. With the help of Officer Hower, however, an image of the thief was obtained and word hit the street (or, more accurately, it hit Twitter). By Thursday, Mr. Bogart was back in Mrs. Mueller’s room, increasing the classy ambiance once again.

Caught in the act--here's The Bogie's illegal escort out of the Civic Center . . .
Caught in the act–here’s The Bogie’s illegal escort out of the Civic Center . . . It is clear that Bogart continues to have a powerful effect on women.