Gridiron Girls: A Look at the Powder Puff Football Match

By Jake Preble and Garrett Hougland

One of the most popular events during Central Highs homecoming week is the fast paced, hair pulling and nail breaking Powder Puff Football game. The game is this Wednesday on the practice field south of the school. The game starts at 4:30 and is sure to be a good match up.

"American Football" courtesy of Anderson Mancini on Flickr.
“American Football” courtesy of Anderson Mancini on Flickr.

For those who don’t know, the Powder Puff game is an all-girl football game were the Junior and Senior girls face off on the gridiron. As exciting as it would be, the game is not played in the format you see on TV. The ladies will not be suited up in pads and a helmet trying to hit one another as hard as they can. They use the format of flag football. A belt is worn with two flags held on with Velcro. The two teams will have different colored flags. In order for the person with the ball to be whistled down the opposing team has to pull a flag from their belt.

A custom in the Powder Puff game is to have players on our varsity football team coach both the juniors and the seniors. Last year the seniors took the win but the juniors showed great chemistry and they plan to take the juniors down in this year’s game. “I had a blast playing last year as a junior and can’t for this year’s game as a senior” says Shae Heitsch.”The game is all for fun but it does get very competitive and everyone is out there to win”!

The weather is looking good for Wednesday and everyone is encouraged to come out and cheer on both the teams and continue this fun tradition!