Central Students Listening to Music Daily, on Headphones

By Anthony Delachevrotiere, Nizhoni Richards, and Kirsten Ahlrichs

Photo courtesy of Jenn Vargas on Flickr.
Photo courtesy of Jenn Vargas on Flickr.

Central students listen to music daily, primarily through headphones. In a survey on music discovered that 73% of responding Central High School students listen to music every single day, although more than half of the students admitted they could go a day without listening to any music. A majority of the Cobblers listen to their music all day long while 29% of them listen to their music at certain parts of the day, whether it’s in the morning, evening, or night time. Results also suggested that how students listen to their music is similar, with 67% of the high school kids usually using headphones, and the other 33% using big speakers.

According to the survey, the most popular genres of music are hip hop/rap, country, rock, and pop. There are some students, though, who enjoy heavy metal and dubstep the most. Interestingly, whether they are good singers or not, most Cobblers do enjoy singing along to their music.

As one can see, music is a big part of students’ lives and it has a huge influence on them whether they are big fans of music or not.