Cobblers Provide a Safe Halloween Treat

Photo by Tristan Pike
Photo by Tristan Pike

By Jensen Wright

Though temperatures dropped to below freezing on Halloween, the students at Central High and various other volunteers enjoyed a warm, safe Halloween night in the halls of Central. With an estimated turnout of over 15,000, the night was a huge success for the students that put on the event. The idea behind the “safe” event was to bring children and their families to an environment where the kids would feel safe and parents could be at ease when letting their kids receive candy – not to mention stay warm. There were games set up around the gymnasium and also in the cafeteria where the kids would play a short game before receiving candy. Between the two game spots were many of Central’s own either showcasing dance routines, playing the guitar, or getting the crowd riled up with the famous drum-line performances. This was the second year in a row that the Cobblers held this event and every year it just gets better and better. If you froze outside in the frigid South Dakota wind this year, stop by next year to the 3rd annual Safe Halloween, because the kids’ costumes always look better when there isn’t a marshmallow-Columbia over the top.

Photos by Tyler Seales, Daniella Venables, Destiny Mettler, and Tristan Pike

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