Opinion: Allow Students to Bring Fast Food into the Building

By Reyanne Foster

It is well known among students that you are not allowed to bring outside food or drink into school, unless it is an at-home lunch. Yet why should we be able to bring food in a lunch box but not in a fast food bag? What if we took our McDonald’s and hid it in a lunch box? There’s no difference.

In one recent incident, a student I know brought sushi to school in a to-go box and a security guard stopped her. He said she could not bring outside food, and she argued that she had made the sushi at home, so it was therefore an at-home lunch. The incident spread through the commons like wildfire. Everyone at my table was outraged, because we were knew the only difference was the container. If she had put the food in a different container, she would have had no problem.

This policy about outside food is not in the student handbook. The handbook only states the guidelines on what the staff have the authority to do but says nothing about bringing outside food into the commons. In fact it doesn’t state anything about food at all; instead, it only discusses things like cleaning up your area, remaining in the commons unless you have permission to leave, and not sitting on the tables.

I am strongly in favor of being able to bring food from outside. Considering that juniors and seniors are allowed to leave for lunch, I believe there should be a policy that we can bring outside food in. This could also illuminate the number for students being late for class because they ate out, because they would be able to pick up food and bring it back to school.


Photo credit: Taco Bell Nachos Tacos 4-8-092 by Steven Depolo on Flickr