Courtyard Ball Games Banished

By Jacob Fitzgerald

It’s been a few weeks since Central students have been able to play with soccer balls and footballs after lunch. Administration has informed students through announcements that games requiring equipment are no longer permitted in the courtyard due to risky play. This is because of tag-football games that had gotten out of hand, despite multiple warnings from administrators. Some freshmen and sophomores who were participating in the games stated they were getting hurt, and although the injuries involved were very minor, it’s clear the games had gone too far.

According to the Student Handbook, students are allowed to throw things like footballs and soccer balls around the courtyard as long as the play is civil and safe. Students are not allowed to play organized games or engage in physical activity deemed unsafe, such as tackling or physically aggressive actions. Additionally, students are not allowed to throw anything unsafe, even snowballs. Dr. Conroy, the freshman house principal, and Mrs. Ruml, the dean of students, say the school is “just enforcing the rules,” and that “we have to think about the safety of the students first.”

With safety in mind, it looks like it’s going to be a while until students can start playing sports again in the courtyard.

Sydnee Conroy contributed to this article.

Photo credit: Playground II by Florian Richter on Flickr