Cobblers Up Close: Max Frost

You hear him tapping, you see him in the plays, but who is the real Max Frost?

By Molly Boehler

He seems relieved as he trudges into the hallway wearing his infamous America Flag Toms. He pushes over his sleepy mop of hair, sighs, and mutters, “Alright, let’s do this.” If you don’t know Max personally, his personality is well represented through what he chooses to wear–eclectic, yet somehow well put together. He leans his back against the wall in an effort to get comfortable, yet continues to fidget and adjust through the whole interview.

Maxwell Harold Frost was born on March 25th, 1998, at the Rapid City Regional Hospital. He enjoyed to camping, skiing, and playing games as a child. “I was a cautious kid,” comments Max. “I never was the kid to climb trees or be dangerous.” It is obvious that his caution has diminished since his early childhood, since he has been involved in roughly 32 theatrical productions. Max’s first involvement in a play was in 3rd grade, The Wizard of Oz. “I was the Lion.” He was involved in Cherry Street Players from that point all the way through middle school. His first production at Central was the fall play his freshman year, To Kill a Mockingbird (the first production in the new theatre). “I was the first person to say the “N” word on stage in the new theatre,” he jokingly adds.

“Its very time consuming being so involved. I don’t have a ton of time at home, and I don’t get a ton of sleep.”

Now Max is the Drama Club President of the 2015-2016 school year. “It is time consuming, the position comes with a little pressure, but it is a lot of fun,” says Frost. When asked how his relationship with the other officers, he says, “Dank.”

On top of being involved with the drama department, he has also been involved with band since 5th grade and has been in drumline all four years of high school. He says that he joined band because of his friend, Adam Taylor. “I was in orchestra for a day, but my bass broke.” Luckily, he ended up truly enjoying band. He now plays the tenors in the CHS Drumline, which, if you weren’t aware, are very heavy and have five different sized drums attached to it. How crazy. “Marching band season really wears me out.” With students in drumline starting their school days at 6:30am during that season and drama productions practicing after school, Max frequently spent almost 12 hours a day at Central.

“Its very time consuming being so involved. I don’t have a ton of time at home, and I don’t get a ton of sleep,” he comments. “I’ve never wanted to quit drumming and I have never wanted to quit theatre. The thought of quitting concert band has crossed my mind, but I never have quit.”

Left: Max playing Tenors. Right: Max acting as Gatsby in the Fall play.

His dedication to fine arts wasn’t all his doing. His family was also involved in fine arts and have always been very supportive of Max when it came to his involvement. Family is very important to Maxwell, his father and grandfather being his biggest inspirations. Having such a family-oriented background has inspired Max to continue doing what he loves. Musically he is inspired by his concert band director and drumline instructor, Mr. Andrew Belsaas. He is also musically inspired by graduated Cobbler “Kris Erickson, the crazy dawg.” Maxwell would like to thank all of the people that support him and keep him sane.

When Max isn’t busy doing awesome things with music or theatre, he says he enjoys playing video games, sleeping, relaxing, or making the best paninis in the 605. He enjoys ending his day by watching the same show on Netflix until he falls asleep.

Looking forward, Max plans to attend Montana State University and would like to continue being involved in fine arts in some capacity. Bozeman better brace themselves, because something incredible is coming their way.

There is no discussion needed, Max is something else. He is sleepy, clumsy, borderline confused, and is truly the human embodiment of an old pug, but man does he inspire people to be great. He is truly something unique, which is something everyone should aspire to be. I guess this means we should all should start wearing baggy pants and flannels, maybe the world would become a better place.

Header image courtesy of Sage Studios