Senior Quick Looks III

With the school year coming to a close soon, here’s a quick look at the graduating class of 2016.

Caden Goodrich

Caden Goodrich.jpg

  1. What song do you currently have on replay?
    • “Take Me Home, Country Roads”
  2. Junior I’ll miss the most:
    • Either Flori or Marcus Davidson
  3. What are your weekend activities?
    • Hangout with friends
  4. Post High School Plans:
    • Basic Training and then SDSU for the spring semester (Education Major)

Bailey Quade

Bailey Quade

  1. Something you wish you had done in high school?
    • Went to more sporting events
  2. Best choice for open campus lunch:
    • Black Hills Bagels if you have the money, otherwise Wendy’s every time.
  3. Best Teacher I had at Central:
    • Mr. Ketelsen
  4. Post High School Plans
    • Vocal Performance USD

Quinten Glass

Quinten Glass.jpg

  1. Favorite Word:
    • Science
  2. Best friend of the opposite gender:
    • currently not Kylee- it’s Cassie
  3. account everyone should follow on Twitter:
    • @Sheehy or @neiltyson
  4. Post High School Plans:
    • Pharmacy at SDSU

Feature Image: Emily Burke

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