Community Theatre Opens Little Mermaid

Former Cobbler Angela VanPelt stars as Ariel in the Black Hills Community Theatre’s fall musical, a show involving a number of former and current Cobblers.

By Matt Vidal

Every kid pretends to be their favorite Disney character as they watch their favorite film over and over again,  singing and dancing around the living room. For Angela VanPelt, Black Hills Community Theater’s The Little Mermaid is  “A dream come true. When I was a little girl I used to wrap a pillow case around my legs and pretend to be Ariel, never thinking I’d ever have the chance to portray her in front of a live audience, but here I am, tail and all!” Angela is playing Ariel in The Little Mermaid, which opens Friday, September 23rd at the Performing Arts Theatre.  This timeless tale features many of the things you love about CHS theatre: big dance numbers, quality music and the professional direction of our own Mr. Justin Speck. There are also many CHS students involved in the production both on and off stage.

An added bonus is the multiple professional actors from around the community, including, in addition to former CHS theatre studentVanPelt, Michelle Martinson as Ursula, Shapeera Good Star as Sebastian.

The cast has a total of 58 members, 17 of whom are under the age of 12, including Rowan Hibbard, who plays Flounder. There are 18 puppeteers manipulating multiple hand crafted puppets, created by Carie Murphy, who trained at the Jim Henson creature shop.

Cobbler Matt Vidal (left) plays Scuttle, former Cobbler Angela VanPelt (center) plays Ariel, and Rowan Hibbard (right) plays Flounder.

This won’t be the only musical the Black Hills Community Theater produces. Coming this March, BHCT will put on the timeless classic The Man of LaMacha. BHCT does more than musicals, if you still have a hankering for theatre in November you will be able to see the romantic story of Things My Mother Taught Me. In February BHCT will be performing the historical drama of the Lion in Winter, and finally, they round out the season with the zany Clue-like farce of Rumors.