Ask Sr. Sally: Should I Graduate Early?

Every year when counselors hand out scheduling materials, students ask if they can graduate early. Senior Sally tackles that question. If you have a question for Sally, let us know.
Q: Is graduating early worth it?
A: Yes and no.

Yes graduating early is worth it for a few reasons. One, if you are the type of person who loathes high school, it’s an extra year of torture you avoided (congrats!). Second, you can get a jump start on your degree by going to college a year earlier and ultimately getting settled into your desired career sooner (mega congrats!). Also, if you’re not college bound, graduating early means you can go right into the work force after three years of school versus four. That leads to earning an extra whole years’ worth of money which can take you several steps forward to your goals of buying a new car, going on a trip, or justsenior-sally saving up your money and tucking it away for the future.

If you aren’t fond of a heavy workload, then graduating early may not be for you because you will have to take both your required junior and senior classes at the same time. My friends and previous classmates Crystal Wojtowich and Marni Uhrig made the decision to tackle that challenge and finished school a full year prior to their expected 2017 graduation. Crystal noted that she was “eager to get out into the world and experience things,” while Marni recognized that she could “be done with college faster and make more money sooner.”

Although there are an abundance of perks to early graduation, there can definitely be value to experiencing the full four years of high school. Crystal related by revealing that if she had any regrets about graduating sooner, it would be that she didn’t have the opportunity to walk with the rest of the classmates her age, some she had “known since kindergarten and some since middle school.” Marni remarked that she would’ve liked to take advantage of dual enrollment while she was in high school rather than “paying full price for classes.”

All in all, there are pros and cons to early graduation, but just like every decision you make in high school it will require plenty of thought. There are many things you will need to consider but if the pros outweigh the cons for you, go for it! You will need to consult your counselor and get it approved by your parents and administration first, but after that you could be on the fast track to wearing that coveted red cap and gown. Graduating early is a great opportunity that CHS offers, but I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t take advantage of it. I know that as much as I hate to admit it, this school has grown on me, so by staying the allotted four years I am clinging on to the last bit of childhood I have left. The best memories I have made were in a classroom, so walking up that stage at the civic center come May I can rest assured knowing I took my sweet time and indulged in every public education soaked moment I could.