Strider Donates New Bikes to Central Students

Cobblers are used to seeing their peers in the special education department cruising the grounds on Strider bikes. Thanks to a donation, each student now has their “own” bike.

By Sage Preble

The Special Ed. Department was recently given 7 new Strider bikes by the Strider Company to make a total of 20 bikes, one for every student.

Of the twenty Striders the Special Ed. Department has, nine were donated by the Special Olympics, and the other eleven were donated by the Strider company itself. “They’re used mainly so the students can learn to ride bikes,” says Mrs. Speidel. “It’s best if they can learn how to balance on the Striders first before they learn to pedal. Two or three actually learned to ride pedal bikes from the Striders.”

The Striders are used as both learning tools and rewards for the students in Special Ed. The Striders also are a great sensory activity for students with autism. “They were so excited to get new ones,” says Mrs. Spiedel of her students. “Their favorite Striders are the ones in their favorite colors. The kids love them.”

Sage Preble is the Editor-in-Chief of the Pine Needle