Offended Congressman Should Heed Painting’s Message

A Congressman from California caused a stir by removing a painting from the Capitol that  he found offensive. He would benefit by listening to the painting’s underlying message.

By Parker Roose

In June of 2016, David Pulphus, a high school student, painted a picture dealing with current events in our society that many praised and glorified. The painting would go on to win the Annual Congressional Art competition and therefore occupied a space on the wall of the U.S Capitol complex. “This is the most creative expression that I’ve witnessed over the last 16 years” said Lacy Clay, a Congressional Black Caucus member. The painting was full of ugly truth symbolism: things such as a white and a black bird fighting, many black protestors holding signs such as “HISTORY,” peace signs, and “STOP KILLING.” Meanwhile, three pig-depicted police officers stood with guns drawn. All three cops were different colors.

Not all were as pleased as Clay was with this painting . In fact Duncan Hunter, a Republican congressman, was so riled from the thought of this painted canvas being displayed in the Capitol complex, he personally unscrewed the painting and returned it to the office of Rep. Lacy Clay for allowing the painting to be made public. Supposedly, many police officers made an appearance at the congressman’s office just to thank him.

Although the painting was very blunt, I think that is just how it should be. People are getting tired of the racial profiling from police officers and now is their time to make a stand. Yet police officers get offended by a painting.

Give a person authority in our society and they will either utilize it or abuse it.

Many would agree with the concept that Hunter was totally out of line taking a painting down from the capitol complex building. Even Clay agrees that something should be done about this. “He had no right to take that picture down, it’s thievery”, was what Clay had told the Washington Post on Monday.

Clearly we have a problem with authority in our country today. Although there are honorable police officers out there, this is exactly how a large portion of police officers behave. They feel as though they are the law, but in all reality they enforce the law. Even congressmen can have power trips. Give a person authority in our society and they will either utilize it or abuse it. It’s people like Congressman Hunter that are making this a complication in the fist place. These are the type of people that need to find meaning in the message that David has illustrated in his painting.