Rapid City Offers Students Entertaining Options during Holiday Break

With the new calendar, Christmas break is a long one, and if students spend their entire vacation on the sofa, it’s not for a lack of options.

By Meaghan Keohone and Annie Ducheneaux

Winter break is quickly approaching: fifteen days of eating Christmas cookies and sitting on the couch. Yet while it seems great at the beginning to park yourself on the sofa and stare at the television for hours on end, after a few days, you find yourself paralyzingly bored with nothing to do. You make an effort to talk to your family for the first time since the break began, but that seems to put you in a worse mood. You’re out of options, nowhere to turn, until you read this article.

To really get into the holiday spirit you could start off your break, on December 23, by going to Main Street Square where the movie The Grinch will be projected on the back wall of the stage facing the ice skating rink from 5:00 to 7:00 that evening. This wonderful event will give you a chance to skate while watching one of the most popular Christmas movies of all time.

If ice skating isn’t your thing or you just hate the movie The Grinch, you could visit Storybook Island’s Christmas Night of Lights from 5:30pm- 8:30pm on December 23rd. For $3 per person you can walk around the park and see the magnificent light display. This event isn’t just offered the twenty-third; you have the chance to also catch the spectacular light display on the nights of December 26th through December 31st.

Another great event to attend is the Elks annual showing of It’s a Wonderful Life being played in the afternoon of December 24th and December 25th. The movie will be played in its classic black and white format with a beautiful telling of an old-fashioned love story from this classic movie.

To wrap up the holiday festivities, on New Year’s Eve you can attend the downtown countdown in Main Street Square starting that evening at five o’clock until nine o’clock. After you attend the countdown you can head towards the Alex Johnson to watch their ball drop.

With all these wonderful choices, you can find something that will keep you from saying the cliché phrase “I’m bored” and lying around all break. After reading about all the options you have no excuse for doing nothing! So get out there and find something fun to do!